Breakthrough in Your Career or Practice

You deserve this opportunity to focus purely on what’s important to you – and your family – for a few intense and satisfying days that can transform your life

If you are an attorney seeking a Breakthrough in your career or practice, the Lawyer Career Spa™ is for you.

Every spa experience is tailored specifically for you, maximizing your potential to make a significant breakthrough in your career. In just three days, you will have your own carefully tailored step-by-step plan.

Whether you aspire to Career Change, Business Development, Leadership Training, Exceptional Client Service or Starting a New Business, our professional coaches will empower you to increase your value to clients, firms, legal departments and prospective employers.

Here’s what ABA Journal recently wrote about the Lawyer Career Spa™.

Why we call it a Spa

Spas are known for changing behavior regarding personal fitness and wellness. The Lawyer Career Spa changes an individual’s behavior regarding one’s career or practice. The goal is for you to leave the Spa understanding how to immediately implement change.

Your Lawyer Career Spa™ is set in the quiet splendor of the Pacific Northwest. The inviting and gracious Heron Haus, nestled in the picturesque West Hills of Portland, has been carefully selected to host daily Lawyer Career Spa™ activities in its lovely garden setting.

Upcoming Spas

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